Facebook for Windows 10 help and info

  • What is Facebook for Windows 10?

    The Windows 10 Facebook app is, as the name suggests, a native Facebook client for the Windows 10 operating system. It allows users to do all of the things the regular Facebook website and other Facebook apps do, but without the need for a an memory hungry Internet browser to be open.

  • What is Facebook for Windows 10 Beta?

    The beta version of the Windows 10 Facebook app is a test bed for new features. Typically, before rolling a feature out to the main Facebook app, Facebook will test it on the beta app. Users can try the beta app and experience these features at the risk of less reliability.

  • How to Download Facebook for Windows 10?

    As an official Windows 10 application, the Facebook for Windows 10 app can be found in the Microsoft Store. Simply open the store, search for the Facebook app, and then click "Get". The app will then be downloaded and installed automatically, and Windows will notify you when it is ready to use.

  • Is Facebook for Windows 10 Free?

    The Windows 10 Facebook app is free to download, and there is no fee to use the service. Certain services within Facebook do cost money (though you are not required to use these services) so it is wise to exercise caution if letting others use your device. Young children in particular.

  • Do I Need a Facebook Account to use Facebook for Windows 10?

    The Facebook app for Windows 10 is merely a client to access the Facebook social network. As such, you will need to login using a valid Facebook account in order to use the app. You will be given the option to set up a new account if you don't have one.

  • Is Facebook for Windows 10 Safe?

    All apps supplied through the official Microsoft Store, as the Windows 10 Facebook app is, are vetted for both quality and security by Microsoft, so the app should be perfectly safe. Common sense regarding Internet usage should still be exercised within the app itself, especially when younger children are using it.

  • How to Install Facebook for Windows 10?

    The process of installing an app from the Microsoft Store is extremely simple. The Facebook for Windows 10 app, as part of the Microsoft Store, is no exception. Simply open the Store, search for Facebook, and click "Get". The app will then download and install automatically, notifying you when it's done.

  • Does Facebook for Windows 10 Sync Notifications?

    The Windows 10 Facebook app is technically just a window into the Facebook social network. As such, it pulls information from Facebook as needed. This includes notifications. Though the notifications are not technically being "synced", the practical effect is much the same, as notification will appear here and on other devices.

  • How to Uninstall Facebook for Windows 10?

    Uninstalling Microsoft Store apps in Windows 10 is as simple as installing them. Firstly, find the app in your start menu. If you're having trouble with this, you can simply search for it or ask Cortana. Once you have it, right click on the Facebook app icon, and click "uninstall". Simple.

  • Is Facebook for Windows 10 Different to Windows Phone?

    Microsoft have worked hard in recent years to move their various platforms onto a unified framework. The goal here being that apps made for the Microsoft Store will work just as well on Windows 10 as they do on Windows Phone, Xbox, etc. To this end, there is little difference between the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Facebook apps.

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